Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church is committed to putting our faith into action, and we do so by engaging in a variety of community ministries and social justice activities.

Environmental Mission

The members of Clifton UU Church are keenly aware that global warming and its subsequent climate change has put our entire planet in peril. We do not accept that the environmental apocalypse we’re now in has been caused by God or is the fulfillment of any ancient mythological prediction. On the contrary, global warming is the direct result of human behavior and we are committed to helping transform how we do things by educating others about environmentally sound choices through our annual Sustainable Living Fair, Neighborhood Orchard Project, and our Mighty Kindness Outreach initiatives.

Louisville Sustainable Living Fair

Each Summer we block off the road adjacent our building and hold a Sustainability Fair in an effort to expose our greater community to Earth friendly businesses, technologies, organizations, and opportunities to make our lives a little greener. From solar power, to cars than run on vegetable oil, to farmer’s markets, to fair trade merchandise, to lectures, movies, children’s activities, and lots more, there’s always plenty to interest and inform everyone!

Community Orchard Project

Our Clifton UU Community Orchard Project is a collaboration between us and others in our neighborhood committed to the mapping and planting of fruit and berries in the Clifton Neighborhood of Louisville, KY. In addition to planting, the project holds classes about planting, pruning, canning, and even making apple cider. It also helps with care and harvesting of neighborhood plants, all in an effort to turn our neighborhood into a model of sustainability. To find out more about the Orchard Project, or to get involved, check out

Mighty Kindness Outreach

Our Mighty Kindness Outreach is an online resource that continues the work of our annual Sustainable Living Fair by bringing environmentally sounds businesses and organizations together year round. Its mission is to help create a stronger sense of community among those committed to green industry and initiatives, and to provide the greater community with greener choices everyday. This ministry also offers a Spring and Fall hootenanny with live music, entertainment, and lots sustainable organizations. For more info, check out:

LGBT Rights

In 2004, in a show of solidarity with members of the LGBT community who are being legally discriminated against, the decision was made not to perform any weddings at Clifton UU after a Kentucky Amendment was passed officially banning marriage equality. This was following the example of Rev. Todd F. Eklof, who has vowed not to perform marriages until bigoted laws like these are overturned.

In 2013, Clifton UU decided to allow Weddings and Civil Union Ceremonies for members and non-members without discrimination to any persons. If you are interested in using our Church for a Wedding or Civil Union please contact us.



In March 2010, several members at Clifton UU began sponsoring Nepalese children throughAmerican-Nepali Student and Women’s Educational Relief, and have since decided to support this worthy non-profit organization as part of our ongoing mission. “We could see the end of the caste system in Nepal in our lifetime,” says Earle Canfield, who started ANSWER nearly a decade ago, a Non Governmental Organization that places low-caste Nepalese children whose families cannot afford to pay for an education, into private, high-cast schools. “Unlike many non-profits that assist children in developing countries,” Canfield says, “every penny donated to ANSWER goes directly to helping Nepal’s forgotten children–the impoverished, low-cast untouchables–earn their high school and college diplomas, then go on to the jobs that will help them become productive members of Nepal’s emerging middle class.” To find out more about ANSWER visit:


Part of Clifton UU’s continuing mission is to do our best to promote interfaith dialogue, multiculturalism, and a pluralistic society.

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